This multi award winning masterpiece will have you begging for more and throwing the book at the wall all at the same time. It comes from the creator of Sandman, The graveyard book, and Stardust Neil Gaiman. In the first few pages we are introduced to Shadow Moon, a convict who released from prison three days early after discovering his wife has been killed in an horrific car accident.

Everything appears normal until a chance encounter with the mysterious Mr Wednesday  on the plane ride home, who appears to know everything about Shadows life and wants to offer him a job. This is where it gets interesting taking Shadow on a road trip across America exploring it’s very soul. As the story develops you are drawn into a world where nothing is as it seems, Shadow finds himself mixing with old gods and new with Wednesday turning out to be Odin. This is where we find out Shadow has been hired to help protect Wednesday, as a war slowly begins to appear on the horizon  between the old gods and the new which are high on power and their own importance.

The new gods include media, techno boy, and the god of cars which is believed to be the new objects of worship for most Americans referring to computers, Cars, and TV.  Shadow finding himself torn between these realities begins to have versions and encounters with his dead wife Laura discussing how she died and how he will want her there at the end.

The characters are beautifully constructed, each one given their own voice adding to the many subplots which keep you guessing all the way through. As you try to discover who is a friend and who is a foe, one of the the most memorable being Mr Nancy who in fact turns out to be Anansi the African trickster god. This book is a combination of the old myths and legends which we all love, and a new set of stories, set against this backdrop of American ideals which makes for a hell of a ride. if you like gods, war, and sometimes simply just plain weird than this is a book for you.

Who is your favourite character In American gods and why? let me know in the comments


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