Is Creativity Dead? A question that all writers must ask themselves right? Written by Daniel Stubbings

Recently I attended a creative writing course, and one of the questions which was raised in our weekly debate was is creativity dead? Arguments were thrown back and forth some saying of course not, new and interesting stories and programs are being created everyday. However, on the other hand there were others who said we seen it all. Every possible storyline which could be bought forward had been done in some form or other.


I just sat back and listened taking everything in, and it got me thinking what do you think Dan? Is creativity dead? As the conversation ended, I found myself sitting in both camps. As I do think in some regards that us as readers and viewers as well as writers, have seen, read, and written several stories over the years that have had very similar vibes.

I mean just take the release of Lord of the Rings, for example by the godfather of epic fantasy J.R.R Tolkien. Due to its large popularity editors and publishers, began buying and releasing so many stories with the same storyline. I mean I have lost count the number of fantasy books I have read that involve a quest to destroy something evil whether it be a ring or sword.

The market has been flooded with them. Then again is this purely down to a lack of creativity or people simply writing to a trend or phenomena. I mean a perfect example is the Fast and Furious franchise. To be honest I was fed up after number three. There is only so much you can take of fast cars, street races, and going against some government agency, but because people continue to go and watch it we are now onto number 8.

So maybe as an audience we are to blame for the lack of creativity, that could be afforded to writers, directors, publishers, and studios because we demand a certain type of story. Have we become so fixated that writers are saying to themselves well if I want to be successful, I must produce this type of story. I mean yes, you always hear write what you would want to read, or take your own path but is that what people want.

Speaking from my point of view I hope so because to me creativity isn’t dead. Okay you may hear well there only seven plots which a story can go down, and that may be true. However that doesn’t mean that because you’re writing a crime thriller you will end up just rewriting Jack Reacher.

The beauty of storytelling is that everything is personal. Your unique you have your own voice, and ideas that you want to get out into the world. I know that everytime I pick up a pen, or sit at a keyboard I want to get something down. Whether it be a character who has materialise out of the fog which I like to call the writers haze, or simply creating your own world for your story to take place. You are in control. Yes, as a writer and self-confessed bookworm. Of course, I have my influences, writers I look up to, characters I adore, and worlds I quite simply wish I could go and live in. My personal favourite been Harry Potter. I mean who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts or play Quidditch I so want to be a beater but I digress.

So back to the original question is creativity dead? Well as I exited the room after the debate I must say I was in doubt. However, I am now pleased to say absolutely not, because if I thought that I wouldn’t have started this blog or started writing my stories. Like it says at the top of this article creativity takes courage. So, if you want to write, paint, or make movies what stopping you. Just remember only you has your voice so get on creating.